Site Administrator: Tanaka Hajime

2003: Entered Nippon Sport Science University “NSSU”
American football college life.

2008: Graduated from Nippon Sport Science University “NSSU”

2008: Start to work at Fish market.

2012: Start to Fisherman.

2016: Start to work (Fisherman) at Portugal.
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fisherman.
SET NET fishing method at Algarve PORTUGAL.

2022: Start TANAKA HAJIME Atlantic Bluefin Tuna laboratory.
Start to make Atlantic Bluefin tuna picture book (Encyclopedia).
Title: The essential Whole Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.

2023: Start YouTube (TANAKA HAJIME) channel.
Seafood cooking channel.

My philosophy.
“I believe like makes value”

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